Canadian Aviatrix #16 – Mrs G Thomson

On 22 January 1930, Mrs G Thomson passed her flying test and received PPL #500, making her the sixteenth female pilot in Canada.

Canadian Aviatrix #16 - Mrs G Thomson

Another pilot with an asterisk by her name in the list in No Place for a Lady – meaning the author hadn’t been able to find her. Sadly, I haven’t been able to find her either.

There doesn’t seem to be a newspaper article about her getting her license. In fact, the only mention of her I’ve found is in a list of the first 25 women to get their private pilot licenses.

A common surname, no idea of her first name or her husband’s, and no clue about which province she flew in means there’s basically no trail to start following.

I'll keep looking though!

The First 100 Canadian Women Pilots





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