Jen Eggleston - history nerd and occasional illustrator

Canadian Aviatrix Project

Profiles of the first 100 women to get their private pilot licences in Canada. Inspired by Shirley Render's wonderful book 'No Place for a Lady: The Story of Canadian Women Pilots 1928-1992'.


Illustrated Family Tree

For my second year of #100DaysProjectScotland, I illustrated a family tree for my daughter. Each day, I drew a picture of a relative, wrote up a little summary of their life, and posted on Instagram.

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100 Days of Rainbows

2023's #100DaysProjectScotland started on the first day of Pride Month, so I filled my Instagram page with rainbows!


Family Tree & Other Research

Research projects - mainly when I find a plaque or sign that intrigues me, but isn’t easily found on Google.

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Some of my other illustration projects

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Cross Stitch Patterns

Shop section for downloading my cross stitch patterns

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Up to date happenings