Canadian Aviatrix #46 – Rosie Campbell (born 1918)

Rosie was born around 1918 and lived in Rodney, Ontario, with her mother, Mabel.

She joined the London (Ontario) Flying Club and took her first flying lesson in September 1935. 

On 16 November 1935, Rosie passed her flying test and received her PPL, making her the 46th female pilot in Canada. She was 17 years old.

Canadian Aviatrix #46 – Rosie Campbell (born 1918) 

Photo: The Leader Post (March 9, 1936)

In 1936, Rosie was in a plane crash, but not injured. Her plane developed engine troubles, so she attempted an emergency landing, but got caught in telegraph wires. The plane somersaulted and landed on the ground on its back.

An article in 1937 listed the stories of many female pilots of the time and mentioned Rosie, “who, although lamed so that she had to be carried to and from the plane, persisted in her lessons and made a solo flight”. It’s unclear if this is referring to a temporary condition or something more serious.

And sadly, that’s where the trail ends. There are a bunch of possible “Rosies”, but without more details, it’s impossible to single one out. I won’t stop looking though!

Note: Rosie was listed with an asterisk in No Place for a Lady – meaning the author hadn’t been able to find her.

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