Canadian Aviatrix #89 – Pat Gray (1922-1991)

Patricia Gray was born around 1922 to Nathaniel Gray (postmaster of Saanichton) and Ann Nattress Meldrum.


1921 census


Saanichton BC








[born 1922]


[born 1926]


Ann died in 1927 and Nat got remarried to Elizabeth Annie Nock (a nurse) – Pat was a flower girl.

On 25 September 1941, Pat passed her flying test and received her PPL, making her the 89th female pilot in Canada. She was 19 years old.

Canadian Aviatrix #89 – Pat Gray (1922-1991) 

Photo: The Province (September 28, 1940)

Once she had her licence, she became an official member of the Flying Seven. (Her involvement in the group will be part of a separate article.)

In 1942, Pat moved to Washington DC to work at the British Air Purchasing Commission.

On 19 February 1945, Pat married Ralph Vincent Farr (a lieutenant in the Army who became a reporter).

After the war, Pat worked as a realtor, but kept flying as a hobby. The couple had two daughters.

Pat died in 1991, aged 69.

Note: Pat was listed with an asterisk in No Place for a Lady – meaning the author hadn’t been able to find her. I just had “P.A. Gray” and the date of her PPL.

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