100 Days of Tiny Costumes (for 100DaysProjectScotland 2020)

I may be a Canadian citizen now, but I'm still Scottish at heart, so I thought that was a perfect excuse to take part in #100DaysProjectScotland! And I hoped a daily project would help brush away the lockdown cobwebs.

I originally drew 30 tiny movie costumes as a mini sketchbook for the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project, so I started posting those ones. Then #BlackoutTuesday happened and, like a lot of Instagram, I went quiet for a day to help amplify black voices. When I came back to post the next day, I re-evaluated the list of costumes I was planning to draw and I realized that only a couple of the actors were black. So I threw it out and started again.

Between June 3 and September 9, I drew 100 tiny costumes worn in movies by black women.

Some were costumes I knew and loved already (Dionne’s suit and hat from Clueless, Deloris Van Cartier’s purple mink from Sister Act), others were from movies that I watched for the first time (Miss Juneteenth, Sidewalk Stories and Bessie were particular favourites).

You can see all the drawings on my Instagram page - https://www.instagram.com/randomlygen.

100 Days of Tiny Costumes

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