100 Little Rainbows (for 100DaysProjectScotland 2023)

For my fourth year of #100DaysProjectScotland, I decided to fill my page with rainbows!

100 Little Rainbows (for 100DaysProjectScotland 2023) 

I found choosing a theme SO difficult this year. I kept coming up with ideas, but none of them really spoke to me. So instead, I decided to think about what skills I wanted to work on. As my last two projects were based around simple black line art, I wanted to do something with lots of colour. I also usually draw in my sketchbook, so this time, I wanted to get more comfortable using Procreate directly.
 Pride flag (for 100DaysProjectScotland 2023)

When Isla announced the start date was June 1 – the first day of Pride Month – I knew it just had to be rainbows! Every day, I drew a rainbow *something* and posted it on Instagram.

The project started on June 1 and I posted my final collage on September 9.

Kermit singing The Rainbow Connection (for 100DaysProjectScotland 2023) 

You can see all the drawings and stories on my Instagram page - https://www.instagram.com/randomlygen

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