News from RandomlyGenerated

  • Death by Inktober (Gorey-inspired drawings for 2020)

    For my second Inktober, I decided to take the official prompts and turn them into causes of death. I’m a huge fan of Edward Gorey, especially The G...
  • 100 Days of Tiny Costumes (for #100DaysProjectScotland 2020)

    I may be a Canadian citizen now, but I'm still Scottish at heart, so I thought that was a perfect excuse to take part in #100DaysProjectScotland! A...
  • Alphabet of food from Arrested Development (Inktober 2019)

    For my first Inktober, I created an A-Z of food from Arrested Development.

    I wanted to do one theme over the whole month – something that would be relatively simple to draw and make me laugh, to keep me motivated to push through.

  • Illustrations of Gastown buildings

    Inspired by Gabrielle Reith’s project in my hometown of Aberdeen, the Introductory Illustration class I’m taking at Emily Carr University of Art + Design, and my love of Always Reading the Plaque-ing, I've started a project to illustrate some of the historic buildings in Gastown.
  • Bert and Ernie's portrait from Sesame Street

    My daughter is a huge fan of Sesame Street and I wanted to get her the portrait that hangs in Bert and Ernie's apartment. I couldn't find one anywhere, so I decided to make it myself!
  • It's time for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling!

    I love Netflix's GLOW so much, so I made a cross stitch that's meant to be the player select screen from the ladies' own arcade game. I could total...
  • Hello, World

    After almost ten years on Etsy, I thought it was time to set up my own storefront, so here we are! I'm looking forward to showing a bit more of wh...