The Unknown Female Pilots of Canada

The goal of the Canadian Aviatrix Project is to find out about the lives of the first 100 women to get their private pilot licenses in Canada. Of the first fifty women, Shirley Render hadn’t been able to find 21 of them. Thirty years later, I’ve managed to dig up all but two!

However, for pilots 51-100, things are looking trickier. There were 31 pilots that Shirley couldn’t find and it’s looking like a lot of them will remain hidden (for now, anyway).

The Unknown Female Pilots of Canada 

For most of them, I only have their initials, surname and date of the PPL test – no first names or provinces to help. Looking for vital certificates (birth, marriage, death) becomes more difficult for these later women, as we’re at the cut-off date for many sources. And many of them weren’t born in time to appear on the 1921 or 1926 Canadian census.

I’m going to really try to find these women, but this will be the page that lists the unknown ones.

February 2024 update - I'm down to just eight unknowns!



Date of issue

16 G. Thomson (Mrs) January 22 1930
66 R.A. Fitzgerald July 12 1939
67 M. McQueen August 2 1939
79 M.A. Richards August 13 1940
82 H.J. Walker October 31 1940
87 C. Connon September 16 1941
88 P. Hecker September 23 1941
92 L. Richards November 12 1941


If you have any information about these pilots, please let me know!

The First 100 Canadian Women Pilots


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